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The Guilin Museum Hotel

Guilin Hotel - Tea House
A Guilin hotel set in a historical tea house, lovingly renovated to encapsulate its past and continue its rich traditions, Hosting an exceptional collection of antiques and art.

Welcome to the Guilin museum hotel (Jing Guan Ming Lou Holiday Hotel), a unique hotel situated in the heart of Guilin. Despite is central location in Guilin city, our Guilin hotel offers a quit respite hidden away on one side of Ronghu Lake, one of the famous 4 lakes and 2 rivers.  Instead of a busy main road out front, we have an entrance to a beautiful walk way that runs along and around the lake and offers a great way to start your day exploring Guilin and the surrounding area.

Our Guilin hotel is situated in a historical location once owned by a famous Chinese governor who escaped the country and went to work as a high governor in Taiwan though he was quite quickly brought back to the country. The hotel which is one the site of his residence was then converted to a respectable tea house which offered a superb selection of teas to the local administrators. Given the sites location and history we redesigned the hotel to encapsulate its past glory and offer a diverse and varied selection of Chinese art work, calligraphy, Tea sets, pottery and furniture that is all carefully cared for and curate by the hotels owners, who have turned the hotel into as museum as well as a comfortable and modern hotel

Not only does the hotel offer an interesting and unique past is serves its modern guests as a excellent location for exploring Guilin being within walking distance of the local shopping streets, and night markets, Xiangshan Park as well as many useful conveniences including the bus and train station, several good quality supermarkets/shopping malls as well as the major public transport routes through the city which can quickly take you to the tourist sites of elephant trunk hill and reed flute cave.

The hotel offer standard double and twin rooms as well as several Japanese style tatami rooms, for those looking for something special we also have an antique room, carefully furnished with a selection of original Chinese furniture and antiquities. We also offer a lake view deluxe suite which has a commanding view out over the lakes and to the city beyond and presents a spectacular view during the day with the serenity of the lakes and at night with the bridges highlighted and the park around the lakes lit for an evening stroll.

We have a restaurant at the top of the hotel offering great views and food, all the conveniences you would expect from a modern hotel, and even a balcony area and small garden hidden behind the hotel

We try our hardest to make your stay in Guilin a pleasant and memorable one and our staffs is always on hand with great tour advice and are able to arrange transportation and tickets for any of the attractions you may wish to enjoy.


Guilin - 4 Lakes

Our Guilin hotel offers beautiful views over the Guilin four lakes And the serene park lakeside walk starting just outside our hotel is an excellent start to exploring Guilin,

Guilin - Elephant trunk Hill

We are also within walking distance of several  Guilin attractions, including, Zhongshan Business Street, West Side Food Street & Xiangshan Park. And our Guilin hotel is only a short distance from Elephant trunk Hill and Reed flute cave

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